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Tesla Stories Today

Tesla files to expand Gigafactory Texas with giant new building

Tesla has filed with the city of Austin to expand Gigafactory Texas with a giant new 500,000 sqft building at the site.

Tesla Stories June 18

Tesla achieves production of 1,000 cars in a week at Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla announced that it has achieved production of 1,000 Model Y vehicles in a week at Gigafactory Berlin. This is an important milestone – though the automaker originally planned to achieve it in April.

Tesla Stories June 28

VW CEO believes Tesla will be weakened by ramping up 3 Gigafactories simultaneously

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess said he believes that Tesla’s decision to ramp up 3 Gigafactories simultaneously will weaken the automaker and help VW catch up in the race to dominate the EV space.

Tesla Stories June 24

Tesla prepares to upgrade Gigafactory Shanghai to produce 21,000 EVs per week

Tesla is preparing to partly shut down Gigafactory Shanghai for a few weeks in order to upgrade the factory to a production capacity of 21,000 electric vehicles per week.

Tesla Stories June 8

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai is going out of ‘closed loop’ with workers sleeping at the plant this week

Tesla is planning to get Gigafactory Shanghai out of its ‘closed loop’ system with workers sleeping at the factory by the end of the week.

Tesla Stories June 29

Tesla ramps up Gigafactory Texas to thousands of units per week, adds new Model Y version

Tesla has managed to ramp up production at Gigafactory Texas to thousands of units per week, adding production of the Model Y Long Range on top of the Standard Range version.

Tesla Stories June 27

Tesla pauses some Berlin-built Model Y deliveries over electric motor issue

Tesla had to pause deliveries of some Model Y vehicles built at Gigafactory Berlin, and the buyers are being told that there’s a problem with the electric motor.

Tesla Stories May 26

Tesla moves to expand Gigafactory Berlin on new 250-acre land

Tesla has started to officially move to expand Gigafactory Berlin on a new 250-acre lot with the submission of the construction plan to the municipality.

Tesla Stories June 12

Elon Musk says Tesla had a ‘very tough quarter’ and needs to rally in leaked email

Elon Musk says that Tesla had a “very tough quarter” and asks employees to “rally hard to recover” in leaked emails.

Tesla Stories June 13

Tesla is considering sites for new factory in Canada and Mexico, along with the US

Elon Musk says that Tesla’s factory might not necessarily be in the US as the automaker is also considering options in Canada and Mexico for a new North American plant.

Tesla Stories May 23

Tesla is back to ramping up Gigafactory Shanghai to new production records

Tesla is back to ramping up production at Gigafactory Shanghai. The automaker could reportedly be back to pre-shutdown level as soon as tomorrow and plans to ramp up to new records later this week.

Tesla Stories June 8

Elon Musk warns Tesla workers of a ‘nutty’ end-of-quarter delivery wave

Elon Musk told Tesla employees to expect a “nutty” end-of-quarter delivery wave this quarter at a new company-wide meeting. The automaker has been trying to move away from quarterly delivery waves, but special circumstances made one inevitable at the end of this quarter.

Tesla Stories June 17

Tesla (TSLA) lays off more employees, and hourly ones this time despite Elon Musk’s comments

Tesla has started another wave of layoffs, and this time it also includes hourly workers instead of just salaried employees like CEO Elon Musk claimed.

Tesla Stories June 20

Tesla cars are banned from Chinese town over spying fear

Tesla cars have been banned from entering Beidaihe, a Chinese resort town, for two months over concerns about spying amid a meeting of the country’s leadership.

Tesla Stories June 23

Tesla expands availability of new Texas-built Model Y and raises the price

Tesla has expanded the availability of its new Texas-built Model Y by adding units to new inventory, and it raised the price of the brand-new electric SUV.