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Panasonic Stories August 26

Tesla battery supplier Panasonic is considering another large-scale US battery cell factory

Panasonic just announced that it is building a $4 billion battery cell factory in Kansas to supply Tesla, but we now learn that the Japanese company is considering greenlighting another large-scale US battery cell factory to build simultaneously.

Panasonic Stories July 13

Panasonic is building a battery factory in Kansas to supply Tesla with new 4680 cell

Panasonic is reportedly going to build a new battery cell factory in Kansas to supply Tesla with its new 4680 cell. Update: Governor Laura Kelly (D-KS) has now made the project official.

Tesla battery supplier Panasonic teases impressive increases in capacity

Panasonic, which grew into a major battery cell supplier in the EV industry through its partnership with Tesla, is now teasing some important improvements in battery capacity.

Panasonic Stories June 1

Tesla receives 4680 battery cell samples from Panasonic ahead of mass production

Tesla has received 4680 battery cell samples from Panasonic ahead of the manufacturing giant moving to mass production of the new battery that is going to power the Cybertruck and more.

Panasonic Stories May 11

Tesla asks Panasonic to speed up development of its 4680 battery cell

Tesla has asked Panasonic to speed up its development of the 4680 battery cell, which is going to power its next-gen electric vehicles. The Japanese manufacturer is reportedly still looking for a location for a US factory.

Panasonic Stories April 20

Tesla and Panasonic are rumored to be behind a multibillion-dollar battery factory project with $700M in incentives on the line in Oklahoma

Tesla and Panasonic are rumored to be behind a new multibillion-dollar battery factory project in Oklahoma as the state pushes to approve $700 million in incentives to move the project forward.

Panasonic Stories February 28

Panasonic announces start of Tesla 4680 battery cell production by March 2024

Panasonic announced today that it greenlighted a new investment to start production of Tesla’s 4680 battery cell by the end of the fiscal year ending March 2024. The Japanese manufacturing giant is one of several battery makers looking to produce 4680 cells for Tesla.

Panasonic Stories January 24

Panasonic is investing $700 million to produce Tesla 4680 battery cell by 2023

According to a new report, Panasonic is investing $700 million to produce Tesla’s 4680 battery cell at a factory in Japan by 2023.

Panasonic Stories January 4

Panasonic turns to JB Straubel’s Redwood for recycled battery materials to supply Tesla Giga Nevada

Panasonic announced that it is going to purchase copper foil produced from recycled materials by Tesla co-founder JB Straubel’s Redwood Materials for battery cell production at Gigafactory Nevada. The materials will end up in Tesla vehicles – going full circle.

Panasonic Stories April 27, 2017

Panasonic inaugurates electric vehicle battery factory in China

Panasonic unveiled today its latest battery manufacturing facility and first in China. The ~$400 million plant, which was first announced in 2015, will manufacture battery cells for the growing electric vehicle market in China. The Japanese electronics giant claims that the projected annual capacity will support the production of “around 200,000 electric vehicles”.

Panasonic Stories March 22, 2017

Tesla battery cell breakdown shows what is inside and difference with Panasonic’s regular cells

There are thousands of them inside the Model S and X yet it’s one of the least understood part of Tesla’s vehicles. While Panasonic, Tesla’s battery cell manufacturers, lists the specifications of almost all its different cells, they don’t release the specs of the custom cells it developed with Tesla. Without going into too many details, […]

Panasonic Stories March 8, 2017

Tesla Solar Roof: Panasonic’s involvement in the manufacturing process at Gigafactory 2 creates some confusion, Tesla explains

After the Model 3, Tesla’s ‘solar roof’ is probably the company’s most anticipated product of 2017, which brings some scrutiny to its plans for production – not unlike the Model 3’s production program. The recent release of information from Tesla and Panasonic led to some confusion over the production of the product at Gigafactory 2, […]