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Panasonic Stories February 3

Panasonic plans to deploy Tesla 4680 battery cell production later this year

Panasonic confirmed that it plans to set up Tesla 4680 battery cell production at GIgafactory Nevada later this year. They expect higher revenue from the Tesla partnership.

Panasonic Stories January 4

Tesla (TSLA) announces a new battery cell deal with Panasonic

Tesla (TSLA) has announced a new battery cell deal with Panasonic through an SEC filing today. It’s the latest of many recent moves from Tesla in an attempt to secure a large battery cell supply to support its ambitious expansion goals.

Panasonic Stories December 27, 2020

Tesla (TSLA) new 4680 battery cell to be produced by Panasonic, report says

Tesla (TSLA) has recently introduced plans to produce its own battery cells called ‘4680’, but now we learn that Panasonic will also be producing the new cell for them, according to a new report.

Panasonic Stories November 3, 2020

Tesla (TSLA) is getting new battery cells from Panasonic with faster charging capacity

We can expect Tesla vehicles to get a bump in charging speed as the automaker is reportedly about to get new battery cells produced by Panasonic at Gigafactory Nevada with faster charging capacity.

Panasonic Stories October 29, 2020

Tesla is working with Panasonic to build new 4680 battery cell pilot production line at Giga Nevada

Panasonic announced that it is working with Tesla to build a new prototype production line to produce its 4680 battery cell at Gigafactory Nevada.

Panasonic Stories September 8, 2020

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada: Panasonic talks expansion with new production line

Panasonic has confirmed plans to expand at Tesla Gigafactory Nevada with a new production line, resulting in more battery cell production next year.

Panasonic Stories August 19, 2020

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is getting another battery production line, Panasonic invests extra $100 million

Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is getting a new battery cell production line as Panasonic invests an additional $100 million, according to a new report coming out of Japan.

Panasonic Stories February 16, 2016

Tesla and Panasonic are leading the almost 100 GWh of new li-ion battery cell production to come online by 2020

Tesla and Panasonic have undoubtedly the biggest and most widely publicized li-ion battery production project in the Gigafactory in Nevada, but it’s far from the only project aiming to increase global supply of this important component for many industries, including the EV industry. As we often discussed, Tesla is already producing battery packs at the […]

Panasonic Stories February 4, 2016

Tesla Gigafactory investment is up 57% in Q4 thanks to Panasonic [Q4 2015 Activity Report]

Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development published its Q4 2015 Quarterly Activity Report for the Tesla Gigafactory and judges the company’s progress to be satisfactory despite slower than projected job creation and investment. You can read the full report embedded bellow.

Panasonic Stories March 9, 2016

Will human hands ever touch Tesla Gigafactory battery cells?

An interesting fact about lego bricks: the first hands to touch a Lego brick are the hands of a customer since the entire manufacturing process is automated. Granted, plastic blocks are significantly less complicated than li-ion battery cells, but since Tesla hired a long-time Lego manufacturing executive to lead the Gigafactory effort, it is an interesting […]

Panasonic Stories November 26, 2015

Panasonic Stories January 7, 2016

Panasonic confirms it plans to invest $1.6 billion in the Tesla Gigafactory

Panasonic confirmed being a partner in Tesla’s battery factory early in the development of the project, but other than some estimates from Tesla, the electronic giant never committed to a dollar amount in investment until today. Tesla made clear its plan to remain in control of the project and to contribute the majority of the […]

Panasonic Stories December 9, 2015

583 construction workers and 82 permanent employees are now working at Tesla’s Gigafactory [RGJ Report]

Earlier this week, the Reno Gazette-Journal published its latest progress report on Tesla’s Gigafactory. I suggest reading the entire lengthy piece to get a good idea of the impact of the Gigafactory on the region, but the paper can get obnoxiously whiny about the state and local government’s support of the project, so I compiled […]

Panasonic Stories December 31, 2015

Panasonic to build a new $412 million battery factory for electric vehicles in China

Panasonic is investing 50 billion yen ($412 million) in China to build a lithium-ion battery factory aimed at the electric vehicle market, according to a new report from Nikkei. The annual capacity is projected to be the equivalent of “around 200,000 electric vehicles”, but we don’t know the average capacity per vehicle.

Panasonic Stories October 27, 2015

Tesla reportedly in the final stages of negotiations with LG for a battery cell supply agreement

Tesla builds its own battery packs, but imports the several thousands battery cells needed per pack from suppliers, mainly Panasonic. The automaker is heavily investing to change that by building the Gigafactory, in partnership with Panasonic, to manufacture both the cells and battery packs in the Nevada desert east of Reno. But the planned output […]

Panasonic Stories July 7, 2015

Tesla’s Gigafactory could be twice as big as originally planned, according to county officials

During a presentation about the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, Dean Haymore, from Story County Commission, said that Tesla purchased an additional 1,200 acres of land adjacent to their battery factory under-construction near Reno. According to Haymore, the new purchase made last week more than doubles Tesla’s land at the site and the company is looking to purchase another 350 […]

Panasonic Stories August 7, 2015

Tesla is ramping up spending on its battery factory – Gigafactory is more “space efficient” than expected

The state of Nevada gave an update on the developments of Tesla’s Gigafactory for the second quarter of the year. The company needs to keep up with the state’s requirements in order to get access to the $1.3 billion incentive package the state offered to secure the 6,500 jobs the factory is expected to create […]

Panasonic Stories December 6, 2017

Tesla Gigafactory is reportedly linked to global shortage of battery cells – but is it?

Companies are having difficulties getting their hands on cylindrical battery cells for their products and now a report coming out of Korea, where several major battery manufacturers are located, is blaming Tesla’s Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.

Panasonic is ‘getting ready’ to start producing cells for solar roof at Tesla Gigafactory 2

SolarCity’s solar cell and module factory in Buffalo, now renamed Tesla Gigafactory 2 since the automaker bought the solar company, has suffered several delays. But since Tesla brought in Panasonic to take over some of the manufacturing efforts, the plant seems to be moving quicker. Now, the Japanese electronics giant confirmed that they are looking […]

Panasonic Stories December 13, 2017

Toyota courts Tesla’s battery partner Panasonic ahead of electric car push

Panasonic has risen to the top position as a battery cell supplier for the auto industry through its partnership with Tesla, which has become the largest battery consumer in the world. Now Toyota is courting the company for a battery partnership as the major Japanese automaker is playing catch up in the EV space.

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