Tesla’s head of Autopilot software, Stuart Bowers, has left the automaker to work for the venture capital firm Greylock after a restructuring of the Autopilot team. expand full story

August 20

Tesla was planning to increase the price of its “Full Self-Driving” package last week that was supposed to coincide with an update to its Autopilot features, like the new Smart Summon, but it now won’t happen until September/October. expand full story

Tesla started releasing a new software update this week with improvements to Model S and Model X’s new adaptive suspension damping and more. expand full story

August 14

There’s renewed scrutiny of Tesla’s executive departures as a new report shows stats that highlight the turnover rate for execs reporting directly to Elon Musk is much higher than for other CEOs. expand full story

August 13

A Tesla owner found himself in a friendly street race that he captured on a GoPro and TeslaCam, Tesla’s dashcam feature using Autopilot camera, and it turned into a perfect candid ad. expand full story

August 12

We now have more details on the Tesla Model 3 crash that resulted in explosions in Moscow last weekend. Autopilot was indeed activated during the crash and it did apply the brakes a second before the collision. expand full story

August 10

Tesla fires are back in the news today due to a Model 3 exploding after a crash with a tow truck in Moscow.

The vehicle was reportedly on Autopilot at the time of the accident. expand full story

August 7

Tesla confirmed that it is planning to increase its Full Self-Driving price again on August 16 in a new marketing campaign trying to convince Autopilot owners to upgrade. expand full story

Tesla has consistently scored extremely well on NHTSA’s safety tests, but the agency doesn’t like how Tesla is presenting the results.

NHTSA found Tesla to be “misleading” with safety claims related to the Model 3 last year. expand full story

August 5

Tesla’s ‘Enhanced Summon’ feature has been taking a long time to get pushed to the wider fleet as the automaker is trying to improve it.

CEO Elon Musk now says that the latest version “almost doesn’t suck” as we’ve learned that the former software lead of the feature joins GM Cruise. expand full story

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