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Tesla Stories September 15

Tesla (TSLA) loses infamous ‘most shorted stock’ title to Apple (AAPL)

Tesla (TSLA) has officially lost its infamous “most shorted stock” title as the short position on Apple’s stock (AAPL) rises above Tesla’s.

Tesla Stories September 29

Elon Musk sets expectations for Tesla AI Day 2

Elon Musk has set some expectations for Tesla AI Day 2, which we now know is going to feature “lots of technical detail and cool hardware demos.”

Tesla Stories August 31

Tesla (TSLA) is facing ‘unprecedented demand’

Tesla is currently facing an “unprecedented demand,” according to a Wall Street analyst after a visit with management at Gigafactory Berlin.

Tesla Stories August 4

Tesla (TSLA) is about to earn its ‘blue chip’ status and climb out of the ‘junk bond’ dumpster

Tesla (TSLA) is expected to be about to finally get rid of its “junk bond” rating and become a “blue chip” – something somewhat overdue for the sixth most valuable company in the world.

Tesla Stories July 11

Here’s where Tesla’s recently laid-off talent is going

Tesla has been laying off thousands of employees over the last month, and a survey of where they are going has yielded interesting results. Where they are not going is just as interesting.

Tesla Stories June 27

Tesla CarPlay workaround now supports browsers in each model

Currently, Tesla cars do not support CarPlay, but by the beginning of the year, 9to5Mac reported a nice project called Tesla Android with CarPlay. Created by developer Michał Gapiński, this workaround to enable CarPlay on Tesla cars has now been updated to version 2022.25.1 with a ton of new features. In addition, it now supports all the cars the company has.

Tesla Stories May 31

Tesla is considering adopting Apple’s AirPlay to improve audio quality

Elon Musk said that Tesla is going to consider adopting Apple’s AirPlay protocol to improve audio quality over the current Bluetooth.

Tesla Stories April 16

Tesla goes full Apple and stops delivering cars with included charging hardware, now sold separately (U)

Tesla changed its long-standing policy to deliver every vehicle with a mobile charging cable and instead, it started selling them separately for $400 for level 2 charging and $275 for level 1. The move is reminiscent of Apple removing the included USB charging brick with the iPhone. Update: Tesla CEO Elon Musk says Tesla will […]

Tesla Stories March 28

Tesla’s head of AI is on sabbatical and people are worried

Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s head of AI, Andrej Karpathy, is on a four-month sabbatical, and people are worried since other Tesla execs have left after going on sabbatical. It comes as Tesla expands its Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta to Canada.

Tesla Stories February 10

Tesla loses Roadster chief engineer behind several important vehicle programs to Ford

Tesla has lost its executive in charge of new vehicle programs who has been in charge of several important engineering programs, and now, he is going to work on Ford’s electric vehicles.

Tesla Stories January 22

The most hyped EVs based on global search data (emphasis on ‘hype’)

Just a decade ago, EVs were barely an afterthought when it came to transportation, and even those trailblazers who embraced them wouldn’t necessarily call the segment “sexy.” A lot of that changed with Tesla’s original Roadster, followed by other cool looking EVs that helped pave the way (and get legacy automakers to wake tf up). […]

Tesla Stories January 20

Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck are most popular EVs by search despite delays

A new survey of searches shows that the Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck are the most popular upcoming electric vehicles despite the delays. You have to go down to fourth place for a vehicle available on the market this year.