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Tesla Stories May 28

Tesla issues voluntary recall on some Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to inspect brake caliper bolts

Tesla has issued a voluntary recall on some Model 3 and Model Y vehicles built over the last three years due to brake caliper bolts potentially not being secured properly.

Tesla Stories June 14

Which electric vehicles still qualify for US federal tax credit?

As sales of electric vehicles continue to surge, many new and prospective customers have questions about qualifying for federal tax credit on electric vehicles. Whether you qualify is not a simple yes or no question… well, actually it sort of is, but the amount you may qualify for varies by household due to a number […]

Tesla Stories June 11

First look at Tesla’s new user interface

With the release of Tesla’s new Model S Plaid, the automaker has designed a brand new user interface, and we take a first look at it in this article. It’s more intuitive and customizable.

Tesla Stories May 12

Tesla removes Bitcoin payment option over energy use concerns

Tesla has removed its Bitcoin payment option for the online configurator for its electric vehicles overnight. It’s not clear if it’s a permanent or temporary move. Update: Elon Musk confirmed the change was due to concerns over the use of fossil fuel in mining bitcoins.

Tesla Stories May 5

Tesla driver repeatedly spotted in backseat on Autopilot is begging to be arrested

A Tesla driver has been spotted several times over the past week sitting in the backseat while his Tesla Model 3 drives on Autopilot. He appears to get a kick out of people filming him while engaging in this dangerous and illegal driving behavior.

Tesla is looking for mobile service technicians for its electric trucks

Tesla heavy trucking president, Jerome Guillen, revealed that the automaker will use its mobile service approach to its Tesla Semi electric truck program.

Tesla Stories May 11

How much is a Tesla? Your guide to Tesla prices

You’ve read about all the improvements to emerge both inside and out each 2021 Tesla model, and maybe you’re more than a little bit tempted. Next, reality sets in, and that age old question rears its head: “how much?” No need to click through several variations of each Tesla on Tesla’s website, it’s all been compiled for you here.

Tesla Stories April 28

Tesla Model S Plaid+ gets Caviar’s gold treatment, becomes most expensive and stupidest Tesla yet

Caviar, a popular luxury brand better known for putting real gold on Apple products, has turned its attention to Tesla and, more specifically, the Model S Plaid+. They have created the most expensive and stupidest Tesla vehicle yet.

Tesla Stories April 30

Tesla releases insane story behind protester who crashed its booth at the Shanghai Motor Show

Tesla has released a long statement about the background behind the protester who crashed its booth at the Shanghai Motor Show earlier this month. It’s a lot crazier than we thought.

Tesla Stories April 28

Tesla’s head of UI departs, showing unseen Cybertruck and FSD images in the process

Tesla’s longtime head of user interface design has left the company, and he has published some images of previously unreleased UI design for the Cybertruck and Full Self-Driving software in the process. These designs were seen partially in the Cybertruck launch but never so clearly…

Tesla Stories April 22

Tesla creates new team to accelerate use of new materials in its products

Tesla is creating a new team to accelerate use of new materials in its products and processes. This new move aims to capitalize on Tesla’s longtime focus on new materials science.

Tesla Stories April 12

Tesla (TSLA) gets a new ~$1 trillion price target over Apple-like all-in-one energy ecosystem

Tesla (TSLA) is rising today on a new ~$1 trillion price target from a top analyst who sees the company developing an Apple-like ecosystem for energy.

Tesla Stories April 19

A Tesla crash results in two deaths, police believe no one was in the driver’s seat

A Tesla vehicle crashed into a tree and caught on fire in Houston this weekend – resulting in two deaths. The police believe no one was in the driver’s seat, which could mean that this could be the first fatalities as a result of a Tesla driver jokingly getting into the backseat.

Tesla Stories April 16

Tesla settles lawsuit against engineer who it claims stole Autopilot source code for Chinese competitor

Tesla has settled a lawsuit against a former engineer who the company claims stole its Autopilot source code before going to Xpeng, a Chinese competitor.

Tesla Stories April 1

Apple to buy over $50 million worth of batteries from Tesla for new energy storage project

Apple announced a massive new energy storage project in California, and we learned that Tesla will supply its Megapack battery systems for the project.

Tesla Stories April 6

Tesla Powerwall to power new virtual power plant in New York

A small new virtual power plant project by Swell Energy has been approved in Queens, New York, and it is going to be powered by Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla Stories April 11

Tesla hikes solar roof price on contracts signed over a year ago

Over the weekend, reports have come in of the recent massive Tesla solar roof price increase hitting several customers, some of whom have been waiting about a year with signed installation contracts. The price increase seems to apply to Tesla Powerwall installations, too, with the cost of those increasing by about 30%. Some customers have […]

Tesla Stories March 31

Tesla is going to hire over 10,000 people at Gigafactory Texas over next year, launches student worker effort

Tesla is going to hire over 10,000 employees at Gigafactory Texas over the next year. CEO Elon Musk has gotten involved in the recruiting effort, and Tesla has launched an initiative to try to hire student workers.

Tesla Stories March 29

Tesla secures order for 10 electric semi-trucks and 2 Megachargers

Tesla has secured a new order for 10 Tesla electric semi-trucks and 2 Megachargers with almost $2 million in US government support.

Tesla Stories March 24

Tesla explains how dumb it is to buy a car with Bitcoin in its own disclosure

Tesla now accepts Bitcoin as payment, yet in its own terms and conditions, the automaker pretty much explains why it isn’t such a hot idea to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin.

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