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Cars Stories February 14

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV and EV announced with almost everything you asked for

After four long years, the Chevrolet Bolt EV has its mid-cycle refresh with lots of asked for features and gains a new, bigger sibling with Super Cruise – the Chevrolet Bolt EUV.

Cars Stories February 12

Cause of LG’s battery fires rumored to be found (updated)

A South Korean news agency is citing anonymous industry sources in the the cause of the atypical battery fires in the Bolt and Kona LG EV batteries. Update: An official from LG Energy Solution told us… “The exact cause of the Kona fire has not determined yet. The investigation is still underway with related authorities. […]

Cars Stories June 13, 2016

FCA CEO Marchionne doesn’t understand Tesla’s model but claims he could copy it

FCA’s outspoken CEO, Sergio Marchionne, has been known to make unpopular but frank comments about electric cars and the future of the auto industry. The man in charge of Alfa, Fiat, Chrysler and Jeep, called for its customers not to buy his electric car, the Fiat 500e, because he estimates the company is losing about $10,000 […]

Tesla says you can get new Model S monthly cost down to £0 in London

Earlier this year, Tesla launched a new in-house Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) program in the UK. The significantly more flexible program reduced the monthly entry cost of the Model S to £404 with a 30% down payment. At the time, Tesla said that after fuel and road tax savings, the monthly cost would be only £296 […]

Cars Stories June 15, 2016

Key Tesla Autopilot engineering manager makes the jump to NEXTEV

When we wrote our profile of Tesla’s team of “hardcore engineers” working on the Autopilot, we briefly mentioned Kurt Thywissen, an early member of the team and Senior Engineering Manager of UI & Autopilot Software. Thywissen was one of the software engineers working on the popular P2P client Kazaa who left to create Skype. He joined Tesla’s […]

Cars Stories June 16, 2016

IBM’s Watson is now powering an all-electric self-driving vehicle by Local Motors

Local Motors, a Maryland-based electric car startup behind the world’s first 3D-printed cars, today introduced its latest vehicle, Olli, an all-electric self-driving shuttle with the special integration of advanced cognitive computing capabilities powered by IBM’s Watson. You can simply get into the vehicle and say “Olli, can you take me downtown?” and the system will […]

Rolls-Royce’s latest electric self-driving concept is ostentatious and never going to happen

You remember BMW’s crazy-looking electric and self-driving concept with flexible fenders unveiled earlier this year? Well apparently the automaker didn’t learn its lesson and expanded the platform to its Rolls-Royce brand to unveil a new concept: Rolls-Royce Vision NEXT100. It looks almost as stupid and ostentatious as BMW’s version, but with a touch of RR.

Cars Stories March 7, 2016

Tesla and SpaceX standout in tech employee survey for the most stressful and lowest paying jobs, but also most meaningful

A company is only as good as its employees and a new PayScale survey gives us an interesting look into the employee demographic of some of the top tech employers. Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX particularly standout in the survey for ranking at the bottom for their bellow average salaries and at the top for most stressful environments, but also […]

Cars Stories March 8, 2016

Tesla posts 11 console and smartphone app howto videos to Youtube

Tesla last night posted 11 “howto” videos showing how to use the giant capacitive touch display in the middle of the center console as well as the smartphone app. Veteran Model S owners will find them mostly repetitive but there might be some nuggets of wisdom inside. However, new and prospective owners need to see all of […]

Cars Stories March 17, 2016

My Year with the Cadillac ELR Plug-in Luxury Coupe [Review]

I have been an aficionado of electric cars ever since Tesla came up with their production roadster. I am writing this review because I noticed a gap of reviews, especially long-term ones, for my car, which is rarer than a Tesla roadster. I thought I would share my thoughts and experiences with my ELR I […]

All new cars in the US will be equipped with automatic emergency braking by 2022

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety announced today that they have officially brokered a historic deal that will see virtually all new cars in the US equipped with automatic emergency braking (AEB) by 2022. The deal includes 20 automakers representing more than 99 percent […]

Cars Stories March 18, 2016

Manhattan will soon have more Tesla chargers than gas stations, and 1st look at Brooklyn store [Gallery]

Tesla will soon have more charging stations in Manhattan than there are gas stations in the city according to a report from the NYPost: Looking to make driving less of a pain for the 1,500 owners of its electric cars in the Big Apple, Tesla motors plans to greatly expand its network of Manhattan charging […]

Cars Stories March 23, 2016

The Tesla Model 3 is seeing the most interest in these cities

Tesla will start taking reservations worldwide for the Model 3 in the morning of March 31st and the closer we get to the event, the more it looks like it will be an iPhone launch-like pandemonium. Coincidentally, Apple is also releasing its new iPhone SE on the same day, and a lot like it’s a less expensive version of its flagship phone, Tesla is also launching a less expensive product built on the knowledge it accumulated while developing its luxury sedan and SUV.

Cars Stories March 24, 2016

Tesla’s VP of Finance and Worldwide Controller leaves for Amazon

In just the past few weeks, Tesla lost 2 Vice-Presidents. Last week, we reported on Tesla’s Vice President of Global Communications Ricardo Reyes leaving the company, and now we learn that the automaker’s VP of Finance and Worldwide Controller is leaving to return to Amazon as VP of Finance. Michael Zanoni joined Tesla from Amazon […]

Cars Stories April 4, 2016

Tesla hired Apple’s OS security expert as connected cars are increasingly becoming a hacking risk

Tesla news not directly related to the Model 3 is hard to come by these days, but Electrek learned that Tesla recently hired Apple’s OS Security Manager for a similar role at the automaker. While safety in general has long been an important part of the automotive industry, IT security is just starting to become a factor […]

Mind-controlled Tesla Model S: technically right, but gimmicky [Video]

Over the weekend, app developer Touch Titans published a quick demo video (see below) of what it claims to be a “mind-controlled Tesla Model S”. Although a stretch and gimmicky, the statement is technically correct (if you consider simple brain activity to be your mind). Touch Titans is using the Emotiv Insight, a brain activity […]

Cars Stories April 5, 2016

Tesla poached a team of chip architects and execs from AMD to develop the next gen Autopilot

After our exclusive report that Tesla hired legendary chip architect Jim Keller from AMD as new “Vice-President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering” earlier this year, we were expecting some new hires to complete Tesla’s growing Autopilot team – especially since CEO Elon Musk said the project was “super high priority” and even encouraged people to apply via Twitter. […]

Google car project nabs ex-Apple global supply manager w/ experience delivering millions of iPhones and Watches

Reuters last month reported that Google has been bolstering its self-driving car team as of late, and now as April rolls in, we’ve uncovered some more information on new hires as the team continues to expand. In one case, Google has added an ex-Apple global supply manager for the iPhone and the Apple Watch to the self-driving car supply management team…

Cars Stories April 12, 2016

Tesla applies for 3 more ‘Model 3’ trademarks

A week before its official unveiling, Tesla filed its first application for a Model 3 related trademark and it is now under review. The automaker described the mark in its application: “The mark consists of three equal length horizontal stylized lines in the manner of a horizontal stylized roman numeral III.” Now we learn through applications […]

Cars Stories March 25, 2016

Mitsubishi debuts the Outlander PHEV in the US with upcoming launch this fall [Gallery]

This week at the New York Auto Show, 3 long years after the Outlander PHEV’s international launch, Mitsubishi finally debuted its flagship plug-in hybrid SUV in the US, where its launch is now set for this fall. The first US version and 2017 model will look very similar to the previous international version – you can see […]

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