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Apple Stories April 1

Apple to buy over $50 million worth of batteries from Tesla for new energy storage project

Apple announced a massive new energy storage project in California, and we learned that Tesla will supply its Megapack battery systems for the project.

Apple Stories March 17

Foxconn may (or may not) produce EVs at its Wisconsin facility

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn recently revealed it is considering its Wisconsin facility to produce its first electric vehicle. The international electronics juggernaut is strategizing for contract manufacturing of electric vehicles in North America. The company’s president recently told the media that Foxconn is debating between its Wisconsin facility or one of its plants in Mexico […]

Apple Stories February 12

Tech companies venturing into electric vehicles: Sony, Apple, and more

Why would companies that manufacture phones, like Sony or Apple, want to get into the electric vehicle business? A better question to ask is, “why wouldn’t they?” While electric vehicles have only just begun to corner a small portion of the automobile market, the upside of prospective growth is tremendous. As vehicles become more reliant […]

Apple Stories December 31, 2020

An ‘Apple Car’ EV? What we know and how we got here

Apple has gifted the world with a library of devices that have since become household names, many of which we use daily. There’s the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and AirPods; but when you think Apple, Car is not the first word to come to mind. That might soon change as recent news has breathed new […]

Apple Stories December 22, 2020

Elon Musk reveals he looked to sell Tesla to Apple for a fraction of its current value

Elon Musk has confirmed rumors that he tried to sell Tesla to Apple not so long ago, but Apple CEO Tim Cook wouldn’t even take the meeting. Cook probably regrets it since Musk said that he was willing to let Tesla go for 1/10th of its current value.

Apple Stories August 15, 2016

Apple Project Titan loses self-driving and computer vision expert to Faraday Future

As we previously reported, Faraday Future is serious about developing its own self-driving and advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) as evidenced by the company hiring Bosch’s engineering director and leading automated driving expert, Jan Becker, to lead its own autonomous driving effort, as well as several other experts in the field. Those experts are in demand since almost […]

Apple Stories August 16, 2016

Tesla snags Apple’s Reliability Director to scale up production with iPhone-like dependability

With some high profile exceptions, it is generally accepted that Apple ships some of the most reliable high-tech products out there – at least if you believe the customer satisfaction reports. Things are far murkier for Tesla in that department, especially at its relatively early age. Last year, Consumer Reports pulled their recommendation of the Tesla […]

Apple Stories October 21, 2016

NextEV hires former top Tesla and Apple autonomous driving engineer

Jamie Carlson, a veteran firmware engineer and early member of the Tesla Autopilot team, made the headlines last year when he left Tesla to join Apple on ‘Special Projects’ at a time when we were just learning of the scale of the Cupertino company’s ambitions in the auto industry. Electrek has now learned that Carlson left […]

Apple Stories December 3, 2016

Apple confirms work on autonomous systems to transform ‘the future of transportation’

Apple’s car plans have long been kept under wrap by the company itself, but a new regulatory filing shows it publicly address the industry for the time. In a letter to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uncovered by VentureBeat, Apple urged the government not to restrict testing of self-driving vehicles.

Apple Stories March 8, 2016

Tesla posts 11 console and smartphone app howto videos to Youtube

Tesla last night posted 11 “howto” videos showing how to use the giant capacitive touch display in the middle of the center console as well as the smartphone app. Veteran Model S owners will find them mostly repetitive but there might be some nuggets of wisdom inside. However, new and prospective owners need to see all of […]

Apple Stories April 4, 2016

Tesla hired Apple’s OS security expert as connected cars are increasingly becoming a hacking risk

Tesla news not directly related to the Model 3 is hard to come by these days, but Electrek learned that Tesla recently hired Apple’s OS Security Manager for a similar role at the automaker. While safety in general has long been an important part of the automotive industry, IT security is just starting to become a factor […]

Apple Stories May 25, 2016

Report: Apple interested in charging station tech for powering rumored electric vehicle

If Apple is going to produce an electric vehicle like Tesla, then naturally Apple will want to provide customers with a way to recharge away from home without relying on infrastructure from third parties. Reuters now reports that Apple is showing interest in such charging stations as it’s talking to existing companies and hiring engineers with experience […]

Apple Stories July 6, 2016

Tesla’s VP of Product Technology leaves for Facebook

Rich Heley was one of Tesla’s biggest hire and quickly rose in the executive ranks of the automaker. We broke the news of his hire back in 2013 when he was still leading Alloy Engineering at Apple. Now we learn that only 3 years later, the engineer, who until recently was Vice President of Product Technology […]

Apple Stories July 18, 2016

Tesla hires former Burberry exec and Apple digital retail expert as ‘Global Creative Director’

Tesla recently made a key hire in digital retail and user experience. Electrek has learned that the automaker hired Chester Chipperfield, former Burberry Vice President of Digital and Interactive Design, earlier this month. Chipperfield, who more recently worked at Apple, confirmed the move on his LinkedIn profile. He is taking over the role of ‘Global Creative Director’ […]

Apple Stories May 12, 2016

Apple invests $1 billion in Chinese Uber competitor Didi Chuxing

Reuters this evening reports that Apple is investing $1 billion in Chinese ride-hailing service Didi Chuxing. In a statement, CEO Tim Cook explained that the investment will give Apple a chance to learn more about certain segments of the Chinese market, while it will also deliver a strong return.

Apple Stories April 20, 2016

Report: Apple’s negotiations with Daimler & BMW for ‘Titan’ car project fall apart

It’s been long rumored that Apple has been in negotiations with BMW and Daimler for its electric car project, with Apple perhaps considering using parts from either of the carmakers. Now, German news outlet Handelsblatt reports that talks between Apple, Daimler, and BMW have ended, citing “industry sources.”

Apple Stories February 26, 2016

Tim Cook says it’ll be ‘Christmas Eve for a while’ when asked about Apple Car

Tim Cook and company lead Apple’s annual shareholders meeting of 2016 this morning, and as usual there were some interesting questions and answers between those in attendance. Like last year, Apple’s rumored electric vehicle project came up, only the Apple CEO didn’t automatically defer to CarPlay this go around.

Apple Stories February 28, 2016

Tesla hires yet another chip architecture titan out of Apple’s PA Semi, feeding the rumor that it plans to design its own silicon

If there’s indeed a poaching chess game going on between Tesla and Apple, it would appear the automaker is winning in acquiring quality pieces. Just a few week after we exclusively reported that Tesla hired legendary chip architect Jim Keller as new “Vice-President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering”, we now learn that Keller is joined by former […]

Apple Stories March 1, 2016

Apple leases former Pepsi plant in Sunnyvale, likely for Project Titan electric car initiative

According to a report from Silicon Valley Business Journal, Apple has recently leased a 96,000-square-foot industrial property in Sunnyvale, California. The property was originally home to a Pepsi bottling plant, but Apple now occupies the entire space. It has widely been reported in the past that Apple is testing its Project Titan electric car initiative in […]

Apple Stories February 19, 2016

Heavy security presence and lot of noise around Apple’s rumored car testing facility in Sunnyvale

It’s kind of an “open-secret” in the auto and tech industries that Apple is developing an electric vehicle codenamed “Project Titan”, yet for the most part, the Cupertino-based company has been able to keep details under wraps.

In helping keep any development secret, Apple is believed to be using a shell company called Sixty Eight Research based in Sunnyvale, California. Neighbors have recently been reporting heavy security presence and a lot of noise around the location. 

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