November 29

Tesla appears to have designed a new version of its mobile Supercharger station that it deploys when traffic significantly increases, like with this holiday season.

The new version is powered by Tesla’s new Megapack. expand full story

November 22

One of the biggest boosters of electric vehicles in Congress is a Republican representing a rural stretch of east Kentucky. The Congressman is also a legit Tesla hacker with a YouTube channel, two MIT engineering degrees, and serves on the US House Committee on Transportation & Infrastructure. So what does he think about the Tesla Cybertruck, and what new projects can we look forward to on his farm?

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November 14

Tesla is going to deploy its new energy storage product, the Megapack, in a new big project to replace a gas peaker plant in Southern California. expand full story

November 6

In today’s Electrek Green Energy Brief (EGEB):

  • Kentucky elected Democrat Andy Beshear yesterday as their new governor. What’s his stance on green energy?
  • Australia’s main grid reaches 50% green energy for the first time.
  • Bristol becomes the first city in the UK to ban diesel vehicles.

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October 31

Tesla and Elon Musk are currently being sued by shareholders over the SolarCity acquisition and Musk was deposed, which created some very funny moments. expand full story

October 28

Elon Musk announced that Tesla is cutting the price of its solar and Powerwall installations for people affected by wildfires in California. expand full story

October 27

Electrek obtained an updated Tesla Solar Roof quote from V2 to V3, and it shows that the price of the solar roof tiles went down by as much as 40% with the new generation. expand full story

October 22

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tentatively said that adding solar and Powerwall to your home could increase your home value, and he is probably right. expand full story

October 15

Tesla is adding a rare new market to its Powerwall deployment. The home battery pack is now available for installation in Japan. expand full story

October 9

Tesla found another advantage to its highly-connected vehicles. The automaker sent out an in-car warning to owners about an upcoming power outage – recommending them to get a full charge. expand full story

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