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September 14

Tesla manages to squeeze a lot more energy in a single Megapack

Tesla has updated the Megapack and managed to squeeze a lot more energy in a single battery system for large-scale energy storage projects.

August 25

Tesla’s former energy head launches startup to compete against Powerwall with key partners

Tesla’s former head of energy products has launched a new startup to compete against Powerwall with a new home battery pack, and it managed to secure significant funding from key partners.

September 12

Tesla now requires Powerwall for every solar roof project

Tesla has changed requirements for new solar roof projects – they now all require at least one Powerwall per project.

September 8

Tesla ramps up hiring for Megafactory, aiming to produce 40 GWh per year

Tesla is ramping up hiring for its Megafactory in California, where it aims to produce 40 GWh of Megapacks per year.

August 10

Tesla teases new energy products coming this year

In an internal meeting, Tesla teased new and updated energy products coming later this year along with a better customer front-end for solar installations.

August 11

Tesla starts converting its energy fleet to Model Y electric SUVs

Tesla has started converting its Tesla Energy fleet to Model Y electric SUVs and Model 3 sedans, getting rid of their gas-powered vehicles.

September 19

Tesla significantly increases Supercharger prices across Europe

Tesla is increasing its Supercharger prices significantly across Europe amid the energy crisis on the continent. This follows more price increases throughout the year and around the world for Tesla’s charging network.

September 12

Tesla’s first Supercharger V4 station with Megapack and solar gives a glimpse at the future

Tesla’s first known Supercharger V4 station is coming to Arizona, and the plans include a Megapack and solar array – giving us a glimpse at the future of charging.

September 22

These countries lead the world in renewables manufacturing and installation

A global renewable energy employment report released today by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) reveals which countries are leading the world in wind and solar manufacturing and installation.

September 13

Here are some examples of how recent climate initiatives are boosting the US economy

Several landmark climate initiatives have been passed since 2021, injecting trillions into the US economy. Even though it has been less than a month since the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, we already see some of the powerful effects rippling across the economy.

September 21

The world’s first Tesla solar neighborhood is becoming reality

The world’s first Tesla solar neighborhood is becoming a reality in Austin, where Tesla is deploying solar roofs and Powerwall in a brand-new development.

September 23

Volkswagen partners with Elia group to explore vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services

Volkswagen says it signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) Friday with Ellia Group to explore V2G technology and how it can potentially help stabilize the energy grid while rewarding EV drivers.

September 16

Podcast: Tesla Supercharger V4, Tesla FSD 10.69, Ford pressures dealers, more

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy. This week, we discussed Tesla Supercharger V4, Tesla FSD Beta 10.69, Ford putting pressure on dealers over EVs, and more. Sponsored by Recurrent: Get a free Range Score then monitor your EV battery performance with fresh insights […]