January 30

A new report claims the electric vehicle market will reach a “tipping point” in 2022, when the cost of owning a BEV will equal that of owning a gas or diesel vehicle. The analysis comes from Deloitte, which also foresees EVs grabbing ten percent of the total market by 2024.

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January 2

Norway is the leading market for electric vehicles and it keeps showing the rest of the world how fast electric vehicle adoption can happen.

In 2018, EV sales grew by 40% in Norway and 1 out of 3 vehicles sold in the market was a zero-emission vehicle. expand full story

October 1, 2018

The new car sales numbers for September from Norway are in and the country, which is already known for spearheading electrification, is reaching new levels of electric domination and low emission average. expand full story

February 26, 2018

Bernie Ecclestone is no stranger to controversial statements.  The 87-year-old former Formula One executive who ran the series for decades can’t go more than a few weeks without voicing an idea about the trajectory of the series which leaves people scratching their heads.  Once, he floated an idea to install sprinklers on tracks to simulate rain-affected races.  More recently, he’s had several complaints about engine noise – he thinks they need to be louder.

But Ecclestone’s most recent statement is the first we’ve found worthy of coverage on Electrek: he now thinks that F1 should go electric, by 2021.

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January 29, 2018

Last week, California Gov. Jerry Brown announced a series of new executive orders to push the state to have 5 million electric cars on the road by 2030.

It’s the most ambitious zero-emission goal in the US, but is it enough?  expand full story

January 23, 2018

Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle, the Mission E, is one of the most anticipated EVs coming by the end of the decade. This is due to the performance automaker’s ambition to make it competitive with gas-powered cars – even on the track.

Today, the German automaker releases more information about the battery and charging technology enabling the upcoming Mission E. expand full story

January 18, 2018

Norway has been leading the world for electric car adoption for years now. In December, EVs represented over 50% of new car sales – something that no other country can come close to at this point.

But now they have the ambition to also move to electric flight with a new goal to have all short-haul flights be all-electric by 2040. expand full story

January 3, 2018

As we anticipated with Tesla breaking its monthly delivery record in Norway halfway through December, the new electric vehicles contributed to electric car market share reaching a new 52 percent record in the country last month.

It means that if a passenger car is sold in Norway today, it’s more likely going to be a plug-in electric (BEV or PHEV) than a gas-powered vehicle. expand full story

December 28, 2017

Electric buses are becoming increasingly popular with transit fleets around the world, but no more than in Shenzhen, China.

The megacity has been building a large fleet of electric buses for years now, but this week it announced that it completely electrified its fleet with more than 16,000 electric buses. expand full story

December 19, 2017

Tesla’s end of the year delivery push is being felt hard in Norway where the company just broke its quarterly delivery record with more than a week left in the quarter and became the most popular automaker in the country this month. expand full story

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