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TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories April 25, 2016

Tesla (TSLA) stock price target raised by Goldman Sachs on Model 3 orders

Goldman Sachs analyst Patrick Archambault issued a new note to clients this morning to announce that he raised his price target on Tesla (TSLA) to $245.00 from $202.00 citing Model 3 orders which are reportedly approaching 400,000.

Tesla’s stock opened up over 1% this morning, even though Archambault’s updated price target is below the current trading price and he maintains his “neutral” rating.

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories April 4, 2016

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) climbing this morning after a weekend of Model 3 news and reservations

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) was up over 4% in early trading this morning after CEO Elon Musk spent his weekend answering questions on Twitter about the newly revealed Model 3 and sending out updates about the number of reservations Tesla is accumulating. Since Tesla unveiled the vehicle last week, 8 financial analysts issued new notes updating their analysis […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories April 21, 2016

Tesla Model 3 ‘walkaround’ at the Gigafactory [Video]

It looks like Motor Trend is trying to redeem itself following last week’s Apple car fiasco. The car review magazine managed to convince Tesla to get a few hours with a Model 3 prototype for a photoshoot at the Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada.

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories April 1, 2016

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) surged after Model 3 unveil and analyst notes with new $500 PT

Investors and Wall Street analysts are mostly happy with Tesla’s Model 3 event last night and the confirmation that over 150,000 reservations were placed in the last 24 hours – much more than some of the most optimistic predictions. The company’s stock (TSLA) surged about 10% in early trading before settling down to a 3% gain […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories February 27, 2017

Tesla (TSLA) tumbles after Goldman Sachs says Model 3 will be late and downgraded the stock

Going into its financial results last week, Tesla’s stock was nearing new all-time highs, but the announcement that the company was considering a new capital raise spooked some investors and it continues today in pre-market after Goldman Sachs released a note to clients. The firm expects that the Tesla Model 3 will be late and that […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories February 20, 2017

Tesla (TSLA) is about to publish its financial results for the year 2016 – here’s what to expect

Tesla (TSLA) is set to release its fourth quarter 2016 and full year 2016 financial results on Wednesday, February 22 after market close. As usual, the release of the results will be followed by a conference call and Q&A with Tesla’s management at 2:30pm Pacific Time (5:30pm Eastern Time). Now here’s what to expect on Wednesday:

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories May 30, 2017

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) rises to new highs as Model 3 gets closer to production

For the third time over the past month, Tesla’s stock is reaching new highs today at over $330 per share – bringing the valuation of the company to over $54 billion. Tesla’s short-term success is tied to the delivering and ramping up production of the Model 3 on time and as it gets closer to […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories September 18, 2017

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is back to all-time high as Model 3 deliveries ramp up

After a few setbacks since its last stock price (TSLA) all-time high of June 2017 that made Tesla one of the most valuable automakers by market capitalization in the world, the electric car and energy company is now back to pushing new all-time highs today.

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories August 16, 2018

Tesla Model 3 production has a clear path to 8,000 units per week, says analyst after Fremont factory visit

Tesla claims that Model 3 production is now steadily at over 5,000 units per week and it is ramping up production up to 10,000 units per week at a slower pace. The company has reportedly invited financial analysts to visit the Fremont factory and one of them came out with a very positive outlook on […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories May 15, 2017

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) falls on downgrade from Morgan Stanley, sees almost no Model 3 delivery in 2017

After a run to almost its all-time high last week, Tesla’s stock had a 3% setback in pre-market trading this morning after Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley, one of the most followed auto industry analysts when it comes to Tesla, downgraded the stock following its first quarter results. Jonas downgraded the stock to “Equalweight” since […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories April 13, 2018

Elon Musk is now confident that Tesla (TSLA) will turn a profit during the second half of the year

Tesla surprised many industry analysts when it added a mention that it “doesn’t require an equity or debt raise this year” to its production and delivery report earlier this month. Many of those industry analysts still don’t believe it, but CEO Elon Musk seems confident about it as he now adds that “Tesla will be profitable […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories June 12, 2018

Tesla (TSLA) stock rises with Model 3 delivery optimism

Tesla’s (TSLA) stock is surging today with an increase of 4% after the market opened following a note from a Wall Street analyst showing increasing optimism on Model 3 deliveries.

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories January 19, 2017

Tesla (TSLA) surges 4% after upgrade by Morgan Stanley because of Model 3 forecast

Morgan Stanley’s analyst Adam Jonas is one of the few analysts covering Tesla capable of moving the needle with his commentary on the company, which he did this morning. Tesla’s stock surged 4% in pre-market trading after Jonas issued a new note in which he is much more optimistic about his delivery estimates for the […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories March 19, 2018

Tesla (TSLA) stock slides on Goldman Sachs predicting Model 3 delivery miss

With the end of the quarter nearing, industry analysts are all looking at Tesla’s Model 3 deliveries and today, Tesla’s stock tumbled in early trading after Goldman Sachs predicted that the automaker will not deliver on its previously announced Model 3 delivery target.

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories July 19, 2018

Tesla (TSLA) stock down as top analyst sees Model 3 cancellations increasing, Tesla denies

Tesla (TSLA) stock price is down over 2% in pre-market trading after a top analyst downgraded Tesla to ‘sell’ as he sees the Model 3 cancellation rate increasing for a series of reasons. Update: Telsa has denied the analyst’s claim since the publication of this article.

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories June 29, 2016

Tesla Model 3 exclusive leaked specs: 300kW+ inverter architecture putting its power capacity near Model S

Tesla manufactures its drive inverter for the Model S/X in-house at its Fremont factory, but the automaker is using proven off-the-shelf products — primarily TO-247 transistor packages. The company used this approach from the start when working on the Roadster. Like what it has been doing with battery cell technology, the automaker saw an opportunity to attach […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories June 20, 2016

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) is rising following reported analyst meeting with management on production

Tesla’s stock price (TSLA) is up over 3% following a new note by RBC analyst Joseph Spak to clients this morning. The analyst recently visited Tesla’s Fremont Factory and met with the management. He came out of the meeting with the impression that Tesla is confident that it can ramp up Model 3 production quickly, which is essential […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories December 9, 2016

Top Tesla analyst: 2017 is the year of the Model 3, but Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas explains why he thinks it will be late

Last month, we reported that top Tesla analyst and one-time ‘Tesla Cheerleader‘ Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley believes the Model 3 will be over a year late. Today, he released a new note explaining his belief in more detail and how it plays into his vision of Tesla using the vehicle program to finance its […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories December 20, 2016

Tesla Model 3 on track for H2 2017, Model X production ‘inconsistent’, says TSLA analyst after meeting with management

With the end of the quarter coming, analysts covering Tesla are coming out with notes about their expectations and some of them got to meet with Tesla’s Vice-President of Investor Relations, Jeff Evanson, to help them better understand the company’s performance in the fourth quarter. Pacific Crest’s Brad Erickson and Elliot Arnson came out of the meeting […]

TSLA - Tesla Stock Price Stories May 25, 2016

Tesla (TSLA) closed its stock offering with $1.7 billion in net proceeds to finance the Model 3 program

Just a week ago, Tesla (TSLA) announced a new public stock offering to raise between $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion – depending on the underwriters exercising their option to purchase additional shares – in order to finance its ambitious Model 3 production program. In a SEC filing today, Tesla confirmed having closed the offering and that […]

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