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Cars Stories June 13, 2016

Tesla confirms achieving a production rate of 2,000 cars/week and releases new details about its production

Only three years ago in 2013, Tesla Model S’ first full year of production, the automaker built just over 20,000 vehicles or around 400 per week. Now we learn that Tesla recently achieved for the first time a production rate of 2,000 vehicles per week for an annualized rate of 104,000 cars. In its last […]

Cars Stories June 14, 2016

Tesla launches a pilot project to sell cars inside Nordstrom stores

Tesla has an undoubtedly unique retail strategy in the auto industry, the company owns all its retail locations and has plenty of ‘galleries’ in malls, which is unusual for an automaker, but it is now taking it to the next level by launching a pilot project to sell its vehicles inside Nordstrom stores – starting […]

Cars Stories June 15, 2016

Tesla Model X makes it to Mexico and first Supercharger goes online

Last month, we reported on how Tesla announced its first location for a Supercharger in Mexico in the most subtle, weird, but awesome way. We now learn that the automaker brought the Supercharging station online, making it its first DC fast-charging station south of the US border, and just in time for the introduction of the […]

Cars Stories June 17, 2016

Audi to build an electric Q5 after Tesla poached the SUV’s production director

Last year, Audi announced it’s first all-electric vehicle, the e-tron quatro, a luxury SUV expected to fit between the Q5 and Q7, and therefore, it will likely change its name to Q6 once it will enter production at the company’s plant in Brussels starting in 2018. Now we learn that the automaker is also planning an electric version […]

Cars Stories March 7, 2016

Tesla “couldn’t flip” the Model X in internal crash tests: a look at the Model X’s safety features

Tesla is already calling the Model X “the safest SUV ever made”, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has yet to confirm its independent test ratings for the vehicle. Through its own internal testing of the vehicle, Tesla expects the Model X to become the first SUV to get 5-star rating in each […]

Cars Stories March 24, 2016

Audi’s EV Chief: “I hate to admit it, but Tesla did everything right”

Audi’s electric-mobility chief Stefan Niemand had surprising words of appreciation for Tesla at the recent Technical Congress of Germany’s automotive industry organization (VDA) (via EETimes). Niemand commented: “I hate to admit it, but Tesla did everything right” The executive was especially praising Tesla’s EV infrastructure strategy: the Supercharger network. He also made the comment not long after the first Tesla […]

Cars Stories March 28, 2016

Tesla quietly removed the 70 kWh battery option from the Model X’s reservation page as bigger battery rumor intensifies [Updated]

Update: Tesla has now reverted the website to the previous version listing again the 70D indicating that it was an error./ Over the weekend Tesla quietly removed the 70 kWh battery pack option from the Model X reservation page on its website. The move comes just after a Tesla OS hacker revealed that the automaker is […]

Cars Stories June 2, 2016

Tesla to establish ‘operational headquarters’ in Beijing, Model X deliveries about to start in China

As we discussed in the past, the Tesla Model X is expected to be popular in China – in part due to its new air filtration system (though it’s now also available with the Model S). Now Tesla is about to start deliveries in the country and it will establish ‘operational headquarters’ in Beijing to […]

Cars Stories June 3, 2016

Tesla started Model X deliveries in Canada

After a long wait and some confusion with pricing, Tesla finally started to deliver the Tesla Model X Signature series in Canada this week. The first few vehicles were delivered in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Cars Stories June 6, 2016

Tesla Supercharger etiquette put forward after a misconduct by a Model X owner

A parked Model X at the Newark, Delaware Tesla Supercharger prompted a lot of reactions from the Tesla community over the weekend. The Model X in question decided to block 3 Supercharger stalls instead of removing its bike rack, which is seen as a breach of the unofficial Supercharger etiquette.

Cars Stories July 18, 2016

Tesla announces the prizes for its current referral program: Model X P90D and invites to ‘Tesla’s next unveiling event’

Earlier today, we reported on Tesla quickly renewing the referral program for the fifth round with again a $1,000 discount on both the Model S and X, but at the time, Tesla had yet to reveal the prizes for the referrers. Now the company released the list and there’s no big surprise. The small prizes are […]

Cars Stories July 13, 2016

Tesla discontinues ‘Resale Value Guarantee’ program for new vehicles to focus on low interest rates

Tesla confirmed today that it has discontinued its ‘Resale Value Guarantee’ (RVG) program as of July 1st – first reported by The Verge. When purchasing through the company’s financing program, RVG allowed Model S and X owners to sell their car to Tesla during the period between 36 months to 39 months of the ownership […]

Cars Stories July 14, 2016

NEXTEV benchmarking the Tesla Model X?

It looks like the Tesla Model X, the first all-electric SUV, is a popular vehicle to benchmark or reserve-engineer. Ford paid a ~$55,000 premium to own and likely reverse-engineer the vehicle, while Audi was among the firsts to import the vehicle in Europe, which caused a problem when the German automaker realized it couldn’t charge the […]

Cars Stories May 16, 2016

Tesla aims to expand to South Korea in “early 2017”, in talks with TK for telematics

Late last year, we reported on comments made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and CTO JB Straubel while they were in Korea for the Energy Korea Forum 2015. They said Tesla is “committed” to the South Korean market and that he sees a “great potential” there, but they didn’t want to commit to a timeline for an expansion […]

Cars Stories April 19, 2016

Tesla’s stock (TSLA) tumbles following Consumer Reports on Model X issues

Tesla’s stock price ($TSLA) surprisingly tumbled following a new report from the review magazine Consumer Reports highlighting some quality issues with early Model X units. The stock fell over 4% after the report was published this morning, but gained in the afternoon and it is now down only 2%. I say the tumble is surprising due […]

Cars Stories April 22, 2016

Tesla is reportedly starting Model X production for European reservation holders

Bjørn Nyland, a Tesla vlogger based in Norway, won a free Founders series Model X through Tesla’s referral program. The limited edition status of his car will make him one of the first owner in Europe and he now reports that his SUV finally entered production this week. Several other European Model X reservation holders are now […]

Cars Stories February 17, 2016

Tesla announces new referral program with a chance to win a Model X P90D and SpaceX tour

Tesla quietly announced early this morning its third referral program with a chance to win a Model X P90D and a tour of the SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles. Tesla’s referral program returns after a two-month break and very successful two initial competitions. The company is trying something new with the latest version of the program, […]

Cars Stories December 21, 2015

Tesla is poised to achieve its ambitious 2015 delivery goal based on early data

As the end of the year, and consequently the end of the fourth quarter, is getting closer, investors and analysts are debating whether or not Tesla can achieve its ambitious delivery goal of 17,000 to 19,000 cars in the last 3 months of the year for a total of 50,000 to 52,000 in 2015. Achieving the […]

Cars Stories December 22, 2015

Rumor: Tesla is planning a redesign of the Model S for Spring 2016

Since the reveal of the Model X in September, there’s been a persisting rumor that Tesla will give the Model S a “facelift” in order for it to have the same front-end as the Model X – as seen on the rendering above. We normally don’t cover rumors with little to no source, but this […]

Cars Stories December 23, 2015

Tesla Model X reportedly able to tow at “very high speeds”

The Tesla Model X, which is the first electric car with a significant towing capacity, reportedly can tow at impressively high-speeds. Trip Chowdrhy, a financial analyst who covers Tesla for Global Equities, says he witnessed Tesla testing a Model X towing at “very high speeds” at the Fremont factory.

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