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Cars Stories October 29, 2013

Consumer Reports can now reccomend the Tesla Model S after giving it a near perfect ‘best ever’ score in July

Just out now from Consumer Reports: Tesla’s Model S got the green light “reccomend”. The groundbreaking Tesla Model S earned Consumer Reports highest test score and it aced crash tests, yet we could not truly recommend it—until now. Based on data collected from more than 600 owners in our 2013 Annual Auto Survey, the Tesla Model S earned […]

Cars Stories October 30, 2013

Tesla shores up battery supplies with Panasonic through 2017, capacity to produce well over 300,000 cars

Tesla announced early this morning that it had secured its Lithium battery supply from Panasonic to the tune of  nearly 2 billion cells over the course of four years.  This is an expansion of their 2011 arrangement which has been successful at launching the Roadster and Model S. Math time: At around 7000 cells per car […]

Cars Stories November 4, 2013

Fox begins attack on Tesla Model S with ‘auto expert’ who fans flames of fires to the old and ignorant

You knew Fox News was going to stage a takedown of Tesla at one point or another. Here is Lauren Fix’s interview on the Tesla Fires (above). ‘Interviewer’: “…Something about Tesla Cars that cause them to blow up”?  Just … No Fix: “supposedly a piece of metal that supposedly punctured the battery box” All facts. Seattle […]

Cars Stories November 6, 2013

Notes and transcript from Tesla’s Q3 2013 Earnings Call: “A Giga-battery factory needs to be built”

Unlike many companies, Tesla’s earnings calls actually have a lot of interesting information. Last night’s was no exception. I was listening to the call live but it also helps to look at the transcript below provided by Seeking Alpha. The main constraint to production is batteries. No one asked (but I would have) how many […]

Cars Stories November 23, 2013

Has electric car adoption been slow? Au contraire mon fraire

From Slashdot: “The electric car challenge is what insiders call “getting butts in seats” — and a lot of butts today still belong to humans who are not yet buying electric cars. The big question is: Why? Surveys show drivers are interested in electric cars–and that they love them once they drive them. EVs also cost less to maintain […]

Cars Stories August 18, 2015

The first P90D Ludicrous Mode 0-60 test drive reactions 1080P video

$100,000 car and $20 camera edit? Sure. Ludicrous looks a lot like Insane mode from the people’s faces at the end but that extra .3 secs at $30,000/sec seems to be money well spent. Also note the LTE data and Underlined P90D. Video follows:

Cars Stories August 22, 2015

First Look at Tesla’s v7.0 software update with Autopilot: auto-steering, UI refresh and parking assist

Sources familiar with Tesla’s new firmware update explained that version 7.0, which is currently being tested and should be released later this year, will include auto-steering, lane change activated by the turn signal, auto-parking (in parallel spaces) and an updated UI (see picture above). A few months ago, I wrote an in-depth article about Tesla’s […]

Cars Stories August 25, 2015

Cars Stories September 2, 2015

Musk: Model 3 preorders start in March, production in ~2 years, starts at $35,000

In the midst of announcements surrounding its upcoming Model X vehicle, Tesla CEO Elon Musk today confirmed that the company plans to begin production of a new “Model 3” vehicle in approximately two years. It also plans to open up preorders mid next year as it reveals starting prices for both the upcoming Model X […]

Cars Stories September 4, 2015

BMW to introduce 2 new plug-in hybrids at the Frankfurt Motor Show

German automaker BMW is set to introduce 2 new plug-in hybrids at the Frankfurt Motor Show which runs from the 17th to 27th of September. The 2 new models , BMW 225xe and BMW 330e, are based on the automaker’s Series 2 and Series 3, but with BMW’s eDrive powertrain technology. BMW’s eDrive technology allows the driver to switch between being […]

Cars Stories September 5, 2015

Tesla’s Model X had a record month for reservations – could have as much as ~27,000 ahead of launch

Paul Carter, TMC Model X moderator and a Canadian Signature reservation holder, posted his monthly Tesla Model X reservation tally update and revealed that August was Tesla’s best month in over 3 years for Model X reservations, which bodes well ahead of the vehicle’s September 29th launch.

The tally relies on reservation numbers posted by new reservation holders on the Tesla Motors Club forum. Members post their sequence number for their region and version of the vehicle (signature or production). A summary tally of the highest numbers reported to date is regularly updated to show the current tally total.

Cars Stories September 9, 2015

Morgan Stanley doubles down on Tesla’s ‘Uber-like’ service – says Tesla should announce plans early 2016

On Tuesday, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas issued a new note on Tesla Motors reiterating an “overweight” rating and a price target of $465. Tesla’s stock closed at $248 per share Tuesday – representing a 86% potential upside. In the note, Jonas doubled down on his prediction disclosed in a previous note saying that Tesla will […]

Cars Stories September 10, 2015

Australia brings online its own “Electric Highway”

The Royal Automotive Club of Australia opened the “RAC Electric Highway“; a network of charging stations along the Australian west coast.

Cars Stories December 26, 2014

Tesla Roadster upgrade announcement today: will allow 400 mile range, most ever for electric car

This might improve the resale value of these guys though I don’t think Tesla has any plans to release a  new one. As Musk adds, nothing is immediately in the works for the Model S but I’ve heard that a 100+kWh battery is being tested for possible future use with the Model X. Update: Here’s […]

Cars Stories January 10, 2015

2017 Chevy ‘Bolt’ Crossover to take on Tesla Model 3 with 200 mile range, LG Chem battery and $30,000 price tag

(image is a volt crossover concept car) WSJ: General Motors Co. plans to launch a $30,000 electric vehicle called the Chevrolet Bolt that would be capable of driving 200 miles on a charge by 2017, according to people familiar with the strategy, a move to gain ground on Tesla Motors Inc. GM will show off […]

Cars Stories January 12, 2015

Chevrolet unveils the Bolt EV concept, cites over 200 mile range and $30,000 price tag

As predicted, Chevy announced a Tesla Model 3 competitor called the Bolt EV concept today. I can’t say I agree with the color choice but I like the specs. Specifically “over 200 miles on a charge for a $30,000 price tag” makes it a game changer and puts it in line with the Tesla Model […]

Cars Stories January 28, 2015

Firmware update to boost Tesla P85D 0-60 time to under 2.8 seconds?

Update: Elon Musk just tweeted that a Firmware update will improve the acceleration by.1 seconds. I’m not usually one to post rumors found in a forum but when I’ve heard similar claims and so have a lot of forum members, we start to see a pattern. Over at the Tesla Motor Club Forum, a number […]

Cars Stories February 12, 2015

Tesla earnings big 3: Apple-size market cap, consumer battery and secret demand weapon to deploy on dealers

Seeking Alpha provides a transcript of last night’s Earnings Call (embedded below). The 3 big notables: In the early part of the discussion CEO Elon Musk said: We are going to spend staggering amounts of money on CapEx. I mean for a good reason and with the great ROI. And it’s important to not look at […]

Cars Stories July 17, 2015

Tesla July 17th announcement liveblog: Lusicrous mode, $70K single engine S70, 90kWh top battery

11:38 There is of course one speed faster than ludicrous, but that is reserved for the next generation Roadster in 4 years: Maximum Plaid! See you later! (Full Audio below) 11:36 Weight improvements? .20 engineering changes happen per week. Always happening. 11:34 “No one asked for ludicrous mode…it’s too ludicrous” It was Tesla Engineers who […]

Cars Stories July 21, 2015

Next Toyota Prius will go 30-35 miles on electricity but it has big obstacles to overcome

A report today from Green Car Reports states that the new 2016-ish Prius Plug In Hybrid will go 30-35 miles on a charge. That’s about 3x the current Prius Plug in for which I am a dissatisfied owner. It is also about 50% more than previous estimates on the range extension. The current version of […]

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