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ebikes Stories September 3, 2021

This little e-bike hack can make electric bikes 50% faster instantly

Electric bicycles are subject to various speed limits around the world, but the 25 km/h (15.5 mph) speed limit in places like the EU and Australia is particularly frustrating to riders who are in search of just a bit more “oomph” in their bikes. But a new device is making it easy to increase the […]

ebikes Stories June 28, 2018

Electrek is sponsoring the American Solar Challenge – Join us!

We’re proud to announce Electrek is sponsoring the American Solar Challenge this year. The 2018 event (PDF Flyer), which begins next weekend, will see racers take their Solar-powered “cars” from Omaha, Nebraska to Bend, Oregon loosely through the Oregon Trail. I use quotes because to get the Wh/mile equation on these vehicles to within what’s possible with a car footprint […]

ebikes Stories September 20, 2018

Tern improves its already awesome folding Vektron and SUV-like GSD cargo bikes

We’re here at Interbike and between bombing Northstar Mountain on any mountain bike we can get our hands on and speeding around the test track on powerful new e-bikes. We stopped by Tern to see updates to its already awesome folding and cargo bikes which we’ve already put tons of miles on…

ebikes Stories November 7, 2018

Check out this $2,500 solar-charging belt-driven electric pedal car

Electric bicycles are great, combining a lightweight vehicle with near-effortless propulsion. But sometimes you just want to sit back and relax a bit more. That’s when an electric pedal car might be right for you. Now there’s an interesting new option coming to the admittedly small US electric pedal car industry: the Screecher.

ebikes Stories September 3, 2019

RideScoozy VeeGo 750 review: 28 mph on a high-spec yet mid-price electric bike

There’s just something awesome about flying around on an electric bike at a blistering 28 mph (45 km/h). And if that bike is a nicely spec’d, affordably priced, fat tire fun-mobile then all the better! The VeeGo 750 has proven to be all of those things and more. So read on to learn why this […]

ebikes Stories November 23, 2019

Is this little four-wheeler an electric car or an e-bike? Apparently it’s both

The DryCycle technically isn’t really an electric car, even though it looks pretty car-like from the right angles (and when its bubble top is lowered). It’s more accurate to call it a fully enclosed, electric pedal-assisted quadricycle.

ebikes Stories August 13, 2019

Domino’s to start delivering pizzas by electric bicycle after successful pilot

Electric bikes aren’t just for fun. Sometimes they are for serious work. You know, like delivering pizzas. That’s what Domino’s will be doing with them as they prepare their e-bike delivery fleet in the US made up of customized RadCity Step-Thru electric bicycles.

ebikes Stories August 21, 2019

Here’s the best electric bicycle gear I’ve been testing all summer

Wouldn’t it be nice if all you needed for a great ride was an electric bicycle and a smile on your face? While those two things are often enough for me, there’s some excellent gear out there that can make e-bike rides even better, whether you ride for pleasure or commuting.

ebikes Stories March 6, 2020

ONYX RCR First ride: Flying fast on this 60 mph electric moped

An electric moped in the truest sense of the word “moped,” the ONYX RCR is a beast of an electric motorbike. I’ve admired this bike for nearly two years now. I’ve covered the development and rollout of the ONYX RCR since the very beginning, starting with the company’s crowdfunding in the summer of 2018. Yet […]

ebikes Stories March 27, 2020

A coronavirus first? Check out this e-bike share’s self-cleaning handlebars

Wheels, a popular electric bicycle-style e-scooter sharing platform announced last week that it was pulling its vehicles from service due to the coronavirus crisis sweeping the country. Now Wheels is back with a creative solution to keeping their shared vehicles safe and sanitized.

ebikes Stories May 14, 2020

FREY AM1000 e-bike review: 1.5kW and almost 40 mph, what else can I say?

The FREY AM1000 electric mountain bike is something of an enigma. You might not know it by looking at it, but the unassuming electric mountain bike is packing more power than almost any other e-bike and has the suspension required to elegantly navigate even the most technical terrain. If the AM1000 was an olympic athlete, […]

ebikes Stories June 1, 2020

Ecotric 500W fat tire e-bike review: The best $850 I ever spent on an e-bike

After spending a month or two locked up during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have turned to e-bikes en masse as a way to get out of the house and engage in social distancing fun. While many of the best electric bikes on Amazon have been sold out for weeks, one of the few remaining good […]

ebikes Stories August 20, 2020

Gazelle Medeo T10+ might be the ultimate commuter ebike

Last year, I reviewed the Gazelle CityZen T9 ebike and thought it was a fantastic offering for those people content with 20mph assist speeds on smoother roads. But as someone who commutes on rougher backcountry roads, I much prefer getting close to 30mph before the electric assist cuts off. That not only means a Class […]

ebikes Stories August 3, 2018

2018 Oyama CX E8D II review: probably the nicest folding electric bicycle I’ve ever ridden

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular forms of personal electric transportation, and rightfully so. They make it super easy to zip around crowded cities, usually arriving faster than cars, buses and just about every other alternative. But one of the few downsides of electric bicycles is that they are usually fairly large and bulky, meaning […]

ebikes Stories May 23, 2019

First ride: Rungu three-wheeled e-bike tackles off-road terrain like no other

When you first look at a Rungu, you sort of scratch your head and think “What is that?” From the side, it looks like a fairly standard fat tire electric bicycle. But from any other angle, you can’t miss the odd double front wheels. And so when the Rungu team invited me out to San […]

ebikes Stories January 16, 2021

Ride1Up announces lowest-cost 28 MPH Brose mid-drive e-bikes yet

San Diego-based electric bicycle company Ride1Up has long been a value leader in the US e-bike industry. Now with the new Ride1Up Prodigy’s unveiling, the company is bringing the same value-oriented design to its first ever mid-drive electric bicycle.

ebikes Stories July 24, 2020

Ducati announces new $4.2k electric Scrambler (but it’s not a motorcycle)

Instead of the electric motorcycle that Ducati has long promised us, its latest two-wheeled electric vehicle is another electric bicycle. This time, the company is announcing its new Ducati e-Scrambler electric bike.

ebikes Stories September 3, 2020

Kona launches new electric bike models with eMTB, gravel and commuter e-bikes

Bicycle manufacturer Kona has just broadened its lineup of electric bicycles with a series of new announcements for additional electric models.

ebikes Stories October 8, 2020

Juiced HyperScorpion review: The new king of 30+ MPH electric mopeds

The Juiced HyperScorpion is an electric bicycle… errr, electric moped, that completely embraces the growing trend of high powered electric bikes that blur the line with electric motorbikes.

ebikes Stories December 15, 2020

Cyrusher XF800 review: I’ve got a lot to say about this full-suspension fat tire e-bike

The Cyrusher XF800 electric bicycle is big. It is bold. It is crushing. Err, make that Cyrushing. Basically, this fat tire e-bike is a lot of things and we’re going to talk about all them.

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