Yesterday we reported that Tesla is in the final stages of negotiations with LG Chem for a battery cell supply agreement. Today, we learn through the WSJ (paywall) that Tesla confirmed the agreement and that the company will start by using the battery cells for the battery upgrade of the Roadster 3.0.

Furthermore, The Korea Industry Post reports that another Korean electronics giant, Samsung, is reportedly about to sign an agreement to supply battery cells to Tesla. The news is in line with Tesla’s plan to qualify more cells from suppliers other than Panasonic before the end of the year.

The Post says that Samsung already sent sample cells to Tesla and they are about to come to an agreement for mass production. Over a year ago, both companies were evaluating the possibility to supply cells for the Model X, but not long after, Tesla expanded its deal with Panasonic, which presumably put talks on hold.

It’s not clear if the cells will be used in the Model X under the new agreement, but the vehicle is about to enter volume production. The cells could also potentially end up in Tesla’s stationary energy storage products.

Picture: Samsung Galaxy S6 run over by Tesla Model S

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