Nissan released its monthly US sale reports today and the company reported a 56% decrease in LEAF sales versus August last year. The decrease is a clear example of the Osborne effect, which refers to the unintended consequences of the release of information about an upcoming product can have on a current product. In this case, the release of information on the 2016 LEAF is having a significant effect on the sales of the 2015 LEAF.

A recent leak confirmed that the 2016 LEAF will have an option for a 30 KWh battery pack which should allow for 110 miles of range versus the 2015’s 84 miles.

Apparently a lot of people opted for waiting for the 2016 model because Nissan only sold 1,393 LEAFs in August 2015 versus 3,186 last year.

The company sold a total of 12,383 LEAFs year to date, but sales should increase soon since the 2016 model is expected to arrive later this month.

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