Capital Live:

Tesla would no longer be able to sell its luxury electric vehicles directly to consumers under a new bill in the New York State Legislature.

Groups representing the state’s automobile dealers met with Governor Andrew Cuomo in November to push a bill that would prevent automobile manufacturers from selling their vehicles directly to consumers, public schedules show. Deborah Dorman, president of the Eastern New York Coalition of Auto Dealers, was at that meeting and said Tuesday Cuomo aides told the group the governor would sign the bill if it passes.

She said the bill was designed to protect consumers because it required companies to create a storefront in the state and was not directed at Tesla because it sold electric vehicles. Some environmentalists have claimed the bill unfairly targets electric car manufacturers.

A fantastic litmus test to see if your state government represents the people or corporate interests. 90+% of voters want to be able to buy cars outside of the dealership monopoly.  If your state even votes on something so lopsided, they should be voted out. Heck, just introducing such a bill should automatically dissolve the government and force new elections.

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One Response to “New York Legislature is again pandering to Car Dealer Association, aiming to drive Tesla out of the state”

  1. Mike Bruijn says:

    So much for the GOP and the free market talk.